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diverCity Season 2, Episode 7

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diverCity Season 2, Episode 6

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diverCity Season 2, Episode 5

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diverCity Special: Students’ Union Election Debate

769 Views0 Comments In this special we covered City University London's Students' Union Election Debate for both Vice President for Education and Vice President for Activities and Development.  

diverCity Season 2, Episode 4

820 Views0 Comments   This week cover the closure of the Zieferblat Cafe, Hungarian Homelessness, International News, Entertainment, London's Fashion Week and more.

SU Elections – President

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What Are You Doing On Valentine’s Day?

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diverCity Special: Students' Union Election Presidential Candidates Debate

923 Views0 Comments   This special is a one-on-one with both Students" casino Union Presidential Candidates, Rima Amin and Hassan Niazi.

diverCity Season 2, Episode 3

798 Views0 Comments   This week we covered a student debt demonstration, Fashion Week"s Stylist Retail, My Belly is Mine Campaign against an abortion ban casino in Spain, local and national weather, UK b...

The Investigators: The Distracted Reporter

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Saddler's Halloween Switchup

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What It Takes To Be A Geek

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How smart are City students?

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Valentines Day

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Do students feel safe in Angel?

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Tales from City Freshers Fair 2013

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diverCity Episode: 6

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diverCity Episode: 3

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City Onscreen Relaunch

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Boat Party Masquerade

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